Top 10 tips when choosing a dentist

Choosing a dentist is beneficial for your dental health. If you have a great relationship with your dentist you can be sure that visiting him for regular checkups will be a joy and you will feel totally comfortable with, if you chose a dentist that you are not feeling good around it can be a real bummer. So here are 10 things to really think about before deciding which dentist you want to chose to take care of your teeth, gums and overall mouth health. You might want to take some time to think and really get through all those points, because your dentist will have a special place in your life for healthy mouth.

  1. The best way to choose a great dentist is of course to ask around. I am pretty sure that you have family and friends that are visiting a dentist regularly and can recommend you one, or at least tell you who not to go to. When people around you have a great patient and doctor relationship with their dentist you can be sure that it will be the same for you. So go around and ask people that you trust for a great dentist recommendation. You might even consider visiting their dentist with them, so you can check the environment and how the stuff is.
  2. If you prefer a more professional opinion on which dentist is best for you, you might consider asking your doctor or your local pharmacist as they may be more familiar with the best of the best dentists.
  3. Where would you prefer your dentist is located? It can be near your home, your work or even in a near city. How often does your dentist work? Is he accessible on the weekends? Make sure you are familiar with his schedule and that it fits you as well as how long it will take you to actually visit him every now and then when necessary. Consider also that one day you might have a really painful tooth and you will need to drive a certain time to get to him, so go through all those questions before you commit to one dentist for a long period of time.
  4. Do not be afraid to have a little meeting with them before your decision. You would want to meet them before you sign up that they will be the one that will take care of your dental health. Make an appointment and meet up for a little chat, to ask them all the necessary things you want to know before engaging in a long relationship with them. If they refuse to meet up before you are even their patient, you would probably want to cross their name as they probably will treat you the same way once you become their patient.
  5. After the meet up take a look around the office. Make sure it is clean, neat and organized. It is after all a place where hygiene must take number one spot and you would want to think he will take care of your teeth the same way he takes care for his environment. Are the surfaces clean and is all the equipment clean and hygienic? He is going to be looking after your teeth, so it must be clean and not threatening to your health. The place where your dentist works is a great reflection and mirror on his working skills.
  6. You should also do a research on where was your dentist trained and what school does he have. Is he really educated enough in this field to know what is best for your dental health? You deserve only the best, so make sure your dentist is the best in his field.
  7. Ask the dentist you are most interested in if he is going to be a part of your dental plan. You would want to know he will be a part of your dental plan and will help you with everything necessary.
  8. How is the staff? Are they helpful, nice and organized? After all they are going to be a major part when you visit your dentist and will help him. You are going to be making appointments with them, so you must assure yourself that they are professional but also polite to you and won’t make you feel uncomfortable or treated the way you shouldn’t be treated. How is their relationship with the dentist? Do they get along or can you feel the tension between them?
  9. Is the dentist wearing gloves? Is his staff wearing gloves? Hygiene is very important as I mentioned earlier and they should treat your mouth carefully and with clean hands only. The bacteria lives everywhere and your mouth must be protected from them.
  10. If you have a specific condition ask your dentist if he has experience with it or if he has treated other patients with this specific condition before. You would of course prefer having a dentist that is familiar with your condition and will know exactly how to treat it and take care of it. If the dentist is inexperienced or has never worked with patients with the same condition as you have he will probably not be so good at it and you would not feel comfortable enough to trust that he knows what he is doing.


A dentist will share a very special relationship with you, so you must be really careful and specific when choosing one. Make sure you go through all those ten points before you choose your dentist as he must be good enough and trained well with your health condition, so you will be healthy again soon.

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